Reasons to  invest

A unique business that brings guaranteed dividends

1. Producer of premium class products

Green-labeled best quality products

Sturgeon fish and caviar are sources of the most important nutrients

No GMO, antibiotics or hormones



2. Price unapproachable for competitors

Cost leadership in the industry

High marginality is the best guarantee for the flexible pricing policy

Project payback before the first event of caviar extraction



3. Unique patented production technologies

Technologies of sturgeon fish breeding not available to competitors

26 patents, certificates and applications for an invention protect the technology

Unprecedented short terms for fish maturation

Scientific support and keen interest on the part of the professional association



4. Government support of the project

Vast export possibilities for Slovenia in a new area of production

Confirmed interest in provision of incentives for the production of fish and fish products

Comprehensive coverage of investments at the country level



5. Extensive base of interested buyers

High demand for green-labeled products

All year round supply of fresh caviar and fish products

Signed preliminary supply agreements

The status of halal products opens Middle East markets



6. Strong team of managers having a wealth of experience

Globally renown specialists in the area of sturgeon breeding

Over 12 years of practical experience in sturgeon breeding and processing using RAS-based technologies

Over 10 years of relations with distributors from Europe and Middle East



7. Profitable area for investments

Operation under conditions of growing demand for sturgeon fish, fish products and caviar.

High financial indicators – a guarantee for return on investments

Well-thought dividend policy.


CAVIAR Biosistem d.o.o.

Trubarjeva cesta 7, 8310